Gobi Paving, Line Marking at District Court Albany with Aspec Construction

civil consulting engineers

civil design consultants

Fencing the whole perimeter of the site is our Site Establishment, protecting and preventing pedestrians from entering the site due to the many hazards present. Our Company name and Logo together with our Hazard Board is always presented at the very front our Site Establishment to show contact details and warning/notices pertaining to the site.


civil engineering consultants

This is the Site Clearance phase or the topsoil removal. We are using a 5 tonne Digger to excavate the loose or soft soil/clay until we get to the sub-grade level where the original clay is located.


advanced asphalt paving

This is after we covered the area with Gap-65 rocks and Sami is operating a Pedestrian Compactor to compact the top until it’s rock solid and smooth for the Hard-filling and Back-filling stage.




The Sand Blinding Stage, where we covered the area with sand, prepping it for the Gobi Blocks Paving phase.



After being compacted to the right height and balance and everything is accurate. The area is now ready for the hot-mix stage of the Execution Plan.


The completed phase of the District Court, Albany Project. From the Excavation Stage to Marking out the car-park and is 100% accomplished to the Clients satisfaction.