Asphalting at District Court Albany with Aspec Construction


Albany District Court stage 2. The garden area that CTR Contractors will transform into a car-park for the District Court Employees.


Stage 1 of the work was excavating and pulling out all the trees and vegetation’s on the area.

Stage 2 was the topsoil removal. Karl, our Civil Operational Manager operate a 3 tonne Digger excavating and removing the soft topsoil.

Stage 3 was after we reached our sub-grade height it was time to remove the kerbs. Sami, our Site Supervisor cut the concrete kerbs with a concrete saw cutter.

Stage 4 was covering the area with Gap-65 and compacting the area and cutting out the existing Asphalt so it will align perfectly with existing asphalt pavement

Stage 6 was measuring our heights with the leveler and string lines making sure the area is nice, smooth and straight.

Stage 7 was covering the whole area with Gap-20 after making sure our heights were spot on.


Stage 8 was giving it a final compaction with the Pedestrian Compactor.


Stage 9 was making sure the area was covered with Gap- 20 then Karl operate the one drum Pedestrian Roller to compact the area and Sami with the small Plate Compactor smoothing out the corner and the edges.


Stage 10 Karl is spraying the Emulsion Liquid on top of the area covered with Gap-20 prepping it for the Asphalt stage.


Stage 11 Karl operate the one drum Pedestrian Roller compacting the area covered with Asphalt.


Stage 12 This is the finishing look of the area after  been compacted and covered with Asphalt.