Civil Works at Hillsborough Site with LEP Construction


Sami our Site Supervisor is using the string lines we set up to measure the heights so that Karl our Civil Operational Manager who operates the 20 tonne Digger won’t excavate the clay over the depth we need to go down to at our Site Clearance Stage.

The clay still looking clean, smooth and straight even on a rainy day. Karl and Sami’s experience on the field is evident, as they are still able to execute the plan in cold and harsh weather conditions.

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Some skillful operating skills from Karl, carefully excavating the clay around a water mains pipe where the cones have been placed on top.

These are the images of the car park after the Site Clearance/Topsoil Removal Stage of our Execution Plan. Karl has been skillfully excavating the clay, loose/soft soil and rock sediments that was needed to be dug out down to the sub-grade height with the help of Sami spotting for him and setting up the heights.

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Setting up an access way for our trucks to load up all the clay to be disposed of at the Tipping Site.

Some work being done at our first site under “Choose the Right Contractors Ltd.” Our Site Supervisors Epoki, Sami and our Civil Operational Manager Karl have been diligently working through the harsh weather to get the site into tip top condition.

The site, located in Hillsborough, is being prepped for a car park to be established. The boys at the site have been removing Clay and Rock sediments in preparation for this.

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CTR Contractors site at Hillsborough, this is after we put the fines over the footings we dug out using the 20 tonne digger operated by Karl where we are prepping the area for a Car park.

The area for the Day-Care building to be constructed on still in its prepping phase.

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Outside view of the Hillsborough site.

foundation preparation house

Gap-65 rock

Karl talking with our IT Manager Caleb while visiting the site planning how the compaction phase will commence after we cover the whole area of the car-park with Gap-65.

After our Site Clearance and Excavation Stages, we lay the whole area for the car-park with Gap-65 rocks prepping it for the Back-filling and Hard-filling stage.

Operating a 4 tonne double drum roller compacting the whole area that we covered with Gap-65, prepping it for the Hard-filling and Back-filling stage. The ground is smooth, straight and rock solid stable enough to be back-filled or hard-filled to the right height.

This is after we compacted the whole area of the car-park that was covered with Gap-65. It’s nice, straight and smooth ready to be checked for correct heights.